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NPC Name Varnak
Gender Male
Alliance Free Adventurer's League Free Adventurer's League.png
Occupation None
Location Tel Numara

Varnak is a mercenary who answered Gerrant's call to fight against the Black Dragon Karas during The Dragon Raid. He led his group of warriors and is known as one of the Six Heroes along with Velskud, Kasarana, Nerwin, and Terram.

Many warriors, including General Duglas, looks up to him.

After The Dragon Raid[]

At the conclusion of The Dragon Raid, he formed the Free Adventurer's League and left it under the leadership of Gunther. He left Saint's Haven for Tel Numara to form his own group of vigilantes, The Iron Fist. Varnak is also the teacher of Liam, father of the player (if s/he is a warrior) and Allegro, the father of Pedro.

Chapter 7: Succession[]

Ajari revealed that Varnak had a crush on Kasarana, much to Pedro's dismay.