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Vestinel is one of the children of Desmodeus, ruler of the gods. He told her and his other daughter, Althea, to create a world so that one of its mortals could retrieve the lustre that his son Lucius stole. Her world was dark with mortals who were ruthless and callous and would search for the lustre no matter the cost. Althea's world Verathea was the total opposite. It was bright with dragons, ancients, humans, and elves residing there. When Desmodeus favored Althea's world to hers, she poisoned her sister in a fit of jealous rage. Vestinel then fled the realm of the gods and took with her the chalice capable of curing Althea.


Althea being poisoned had a number of side effects, such as the ancients breaking the Monolith, the birth of the Gold and Silver Dragons, and the creation of the Rozin Sanctuary. The breaking of the Monolith caused a huge explosion that killed a majority of the ancients and destroyed every continent but Altera. The survivors, ashamed at what they'd done, went into hiding. The border between Verathea and Vestinel's Realm was torn and the Void Dragon invaded Verathea. The Sentinel and Tempest Dragons fought it off but Tempest was corrupted when Void died and also had to be taken down by Sentinel. Pieces of Tempest's lustre occasionally form new Dragons.

A similar situation occurred 10 years in the future when the Red Dragon took over the Monolith and broke it a second time. Monsters from Vestinel's Realm, dubbed the Mist Lands, began to attack Verathea. The Gold and Silver Dragons were killed in the resulting battles so those who were left took shelter underground. Kevin invented time travel and went back in the ship Apocalypse to prevent this from ever happening. On his way back however, the ship was corrupted and landed in the present day instead of the time of the Six Heroes. Kevin was turned into the ethereal Strange Technician and the ship became a monster that formed the Apocalypse Nest.