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Warrior Master Chandler.png
NPC Name Warrior Trainer Chandler
Gender Male
Alliance Free Adventurer's League Free Adventurer's League.png
Occupation Warrior Skill Trainer
Location Carderock Pass

Something of a hero from the Carderock Resistance. Regards Typhoon Krag, whom he met during the Siege of Carderock, as his lifelong rival. He tends to emphasize what he thinks is important regardless of how others feel. A pretty friendly fellow, as long as he isn't training you.


To befriend Warrior Trainer Chandler, you must finish the Level 22 Quest Landslide Krag 3. Giving gifts to Hubert also gives Fondness points to Deckard. The gifts that Chandler like are:

Friendship Dialogue[]

5.00 Fondness[]

15.00 Fondness[]

25.00 Fondness[]

35.00 Fondness[]

45.00 Fondness[]

55.00 Fondness[]

65.00 Fondness[]

75.00 Fondness[]

85.00 Fondness[]

95.00 Fondness[]