Dragon Nest Wiki
NPC Name Warrior Trainer Pedro
Gender Male
Alliance Free Adventurer's League Free Adventurer's League.png
Occupation Warrior Trainer
Location Lotus Marsh

Pedro is the warrior trainer of Lotus Marsh. He is the son of Allegro, a disciple of Varnak. Pedro looks up to his father and Varnak and strives to become a powerful warrior like them. Pedro enjoys fighting and reading.


"Why spend time talking to people when you can punch them in the face, slug 'em in the gut, or stomp on their feet? Pedro's not angry, he's furious, and nobody has the nerve to ask him why."

Pedro heard the rumor that the third of the legendary weapons, Teorbo the Lightning, was somewhere near Lotus Marsh. He requested the player to investigate but he discovered a book. He requested Hernandez's help to restore it and discovered that it was a romance novel. Marisala explained that it was a novel written by Kasarana and requested for the book to be destroyed.

Pedro also heard of a rumor about Varnak's secret crush. Ajari, who participated in The Dragon Raid, revealed that he had a crush on Kasarana, much to his dismay.

Pedro sent the player to rescue an adventurer at Ancient Treasury, which turned out to be Lote. She gave the player a map which was delivered to Pedro. Pedro expected it to lead to a legendary weapon and requested Hernandez' help to restore the map. The player discovered that it pointed to a recorded history by the Ancients.


Unlock friendship with Pedro by reaching level 40