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Template:We sail through endless skies, surpassing all sorts of adversity, together, as a family.


Guild Information[ | ]

Max Member: 250

Created: 01-03-2014

Guild Level: 35

Rules[ | ]

  1. Loyalty toward our flag
  2. Respects guild decisions
  3. No bad words
  4. Always keep in touch with everyone in the guild. There's no guild without it's people!!
  5. No interference with other divisios decisions.
  6. Please don't be shy to share your ideas for everyone.
  7. If there is someone who STEAL or DECEIVE someone else; or did any activity that make the guild image turn bad, we will sorry for you being KICKED INSTANTLY from this guild !!
  8. It's a taboo to feel more handsome than a certain someone :v

Guild Members[ | ]

Guild Master:

Character Class IGN Level Build
ExCargOt Gear Master ExCargOt Lv90 Hybrid

Next Event[ | ]

  1. Coming soon

Social Media[ | ]

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/289904434516569/ www.facebook.com/triwanto.irfan(GuildMaster)