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William as Corpsemaw
NPC Name William
Gender Male
Alliance Cassius Palace Cassius Palace.png
Occupation Cleric
Location Carderock Pass

William during the Siege of Carderock

William is a Cleric and teacher of Germaine. He fought and lost his life during The Siege of Carderock 10 years prior to the present day.

The Siege of Carderock[]

William and his force drew a portion of Elena's army to Dread Forest away from Carderock Pass. Elena then floods Dread Forest with her poison and kills him and his force. Dread Forest is permanently contaminated from that point on.

Chapter 2: Pursuing the Black Knight[]

The player needed to enter the Temple of the Sleepers but it was locked. Germaine reveals that the temple can only be opened by the Obedience Pendant that William had. The player then enters Dread Forest and defeats Corpsemaw and retrieves the Obedience Pendant from it.

Germaine was disturbed by the fact that Corpsemaw was wearing the pendant despite the fact that the pendant contains holy power that will cause severe pain to evil beings. Germaine gives the player some holy water to summon William. The player then visits Dread Forest again to summon William. Corpsemaw was then revealed to be William.

William's final resting place

William managed to hold on to his conscience and asks if Leon managed to summon the guardian at Sanctuary Nexus to fend of Elena's attack on Carderock Pass. He requests that the player search Forest Sanctuary for signs of Leon, but only his remains were found. The player delivers the news to William and he was greatly saddened.

He then asks if Clara and Rose were safe. Germaine reveals that Clara and Rose ran west towards Ironwood Village. Elder Harold reveals that Clara gave her life to protect Rose and he adopted Rose]. The player then delivers the news to William and he is then able to rest in peace.