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NPC Name Zulie
Gender Female
Alliance None No Alliance.png
Occupation Troublemaker
Location Lotus Marsh

Zulie is a resident of Lotus Marsh. She is the granddaughter of the tribe chief and a friend of Sidel. Her tribe is responsible for housing the Green Dragon's lustre. She was manipulated and killed by Kalahan.


"Like many dromaji, Zulie believes all grotsani, including you, are invaders who want to usurp her homeland. She seems to have a soft spot for Sidel, though."

Chapter 6: The Astral Coven[]

Zulie hails from a Native tribe that housed the Green Dragon's lustre. Her tribe was captured by the Dragon Cultists and poisoned with the Black Dragon's blood. The poison caused her to start mutating into a monster, and her left arm had mutated first. Kalahan approached her and offered to help rescue them. He also told her that Kasarana was responsible for the capture of her people and Zulie attacked her once. She found Sidel and he befriended her.

Passing of Zulie

Sidel explained that the player will also help her rescue her tribe but she distrusted him / her. Sidel tried to convince Zulie that Kalahan was bad but she trusted Kalahan over Sidel. Later, Kalahan revealed the location of the captured tribesmen and brought Zulie and Sidel there. They noticed that the poisoning was becoming worse and Kalahan brewed the cure for her. She refused the cure because she wanted the power she gained from the mutation to rescue her tribe.

Zulie discovered that her grandfather had been tortured to death by the Dragon Cultists in attempt to learn the location of the Green Dragon's lustre. In his last breath, he gave Zulie the responsibility to keep the lustre safe. Kalahan requested Zulie to escort him to the lustre. There, he showed his true intention and attempted to steal the lustre. Sidel shot a ball of magic at Kalahan which knocked the lustre out of his hands. Zulie snatched the lustre and she accidentally absorbed the lustre, turned into a monster and fled.

Kalahan hunted her down and forcefully extracted the lustre from her, killing her. In her last breath, she apologized for not trusting Sidel more and voiced her appreciation for Sidel for being her friend.